Thursday, October 23, 2008

I have a muse for every decade near me...

Early 20's

Alice Dellal, Model/Socialite

This wild child has been a absolute treat to watch. I know her normal attire of leather jacket, bandage dress and Doc's is reminiscent of my teens. But I can help to love her. She does the early 90's so well with European influence. That cascading tumble of blond curls with a half shaved head is genius and only works on her. She is like Neil Gaiman's delirium come to life, most certainly one to watch.

Late 20's

Taylor Tomasi, Senior market Editor teen Vogue

I first saw her sporting a Elizabeth and James blazer with slashes of Ann Demeulemeester skirt and black Phi boots. Her use of black with white soft accents evokes a refreshing sense of style that has me hooked.


Kate Lanphear,Style Director, US Elle

Her evocative use of neutrals sends a chill down my spine. I was floored when I first saw the famous Garance Doré photo. She looks hypnotically alluring, it was love at first site! She is my absolute favorite of the moment.


Anna dello Russo, creative director of Vogue Nippon

She was introduced to me by the multiple postings on The Sartorialist. I was first in awe of her astounding physique in mile high stilettos. Then I saw this dynamic editorial which she modeled and styled. I was hooked! She is a muse and a style icon, and someone I would aspire to be in the future.

Mid 40's

Daphne Guinness, Heiress

To tell you the truth I had no idea who Daphne Guinness was until one night I was doing a ebay search on Alexander Mcqueen. I came across all these auctions stating her name. After looking at these incredible listings I soon indulged in some research. Daphne Guinness is indeed a rare fantastical creature. I was quickly enamored by her fearless sense of style. If you can afford to wear couture then by all mean take notes from her. She could easily be a character in some epic space opera like Blade Runner. I'm so delighted there is a Daphne Guinness in this world.


-h of candid cool said...

i have all these pictures saved up on daphne. mind blowing! i love her vogue italia editorial!

L.Luna said...

She is incredible! That vogue editorial is so inspiring! My favorite is her laying there with the bird/seagull? Her armor finger pieces are phenomenal. And a jewel encrusted eye patch on the others!!!

Diana Henao said...

Lanphear... i just Love her. Basics never look that chic!