Monday, August 31, 2009


I absolutely love Modepass! I've met so many amazingly talented people there. Today I got featured on the homepage. Also check out their illustration contest. There is so much talent to choice from. I wish I could have participated but I just found out recently.

Also, has anyone checked out Pixie Market lately? Look what I have coming to me!! I seriously can't wait. I've been anxiously stalking their site ever since the coming soon page went up. I was ecstatic to see the red buckle Underground shoes and secretly wishing for the western buckle ones. Well they loaded them up today and the westerns are pretty much sold out. I'm so happy I was able to get a pair.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Battle Royale

I got these Marni's eons ago for a series of outings where black strappy heels are unsuitable. I have actually got quite some wear out of them this summer. Tends to be when I'm on a trip, so I keep neglecting to take proper photos. The fab Couture Carrie wrote a wonderful post on capes today. I soon realized I have quite the collection all ready for fall! I adore this little navy vintage capelet with velvet tie ribbon.

Marni SS 08 Platform heels

Vintage Navy capelet - Thrifted
Black Strapless peplum dress - Thrifted
Navy danskin leggings - Thrifted
Vintage White leather belt - Thrifted
Marni SS 08 platform heels - Yoox

Listening to:
Does it offend you, yeah? -
You Have No Idea What You're Getting Yourself Into

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

August 18th Ebay Auctions

Here are this weeks eBay auctions. They end August 23rd at 8pm PST. Get them at Black Luna Vintage.

Bone house

I found this awesome vintage pleated top set last week. Maybe it came from the same person who donated the satin cape. I just love the all the gorgeous details. On another note the lovely Josephine did a post on The Dead Weather. I just can't get enough of this album! I found the perfect Alison Mosshart inspired leopard print slouchy top I can't wait to show off.

Vintage Black Pleated top set - Thrifted
Black zipper skirt - Thrifted
Navy danskin leggings - Thrifted
Stone & gem Bracelets - Thrifted
Givenchy wedges - Yoox

Listening to: The Dead Weather- Horehound

Monday, August 10, 2009

Peachy Keen

I really love what I'm seeing in the Bibi Ghost SS 10 collection. Frothy sherbet tones with dark accents. Lucky for me I had this peach strap buckle dress tucked away in my closet.

Peach Buckle strap dress - Thrifted
Navy danskin leggings - Thrifted
Black band leather belt - Thrifted
Black Clog wedges - Thrifted
Buckle straps - From thrifted boots

Listening to: Gossip - Music for men

Saturday, August 8, 2009


There has been such a lack of vintage in the stores lately, I was starting to think that maybe there's no more left. But this weeks shopping surely redeemed itself. I found lots of black pieces that will be posted in my Etsy store soon. Look at this amazing satin cape coat. I'm still pondering if I should sell it or not. On another note, velvet has been high on my list for fall. Here's a gorgeous silk ruffle dress I just found.

Velvet silk ruffle dress - Thrifted
Navy danskin leggings - Thrifted
Satin Cape Coat - Thrifted
Skull necklace - Thrifted
Giant heart necklace - Painted Bird SF
Buckle straps - From thrifted boots
Givenchy Wedges - Yoox

Listening to: The Sisters of mercy - Floodland

Sunday, August 2, 2009

The ripper

Friday night's Whitesnake Judas Priest concert!
Me and my good friend Regan posing in front of someones huge truck...All liquored up and ready for the show....

DIY Acid wash fringed shirt - Thrifted T shirt
DIY Black fringed dress top - Thrifted T shirt
Side stripe Leggings - Thrifted dead stock
Harness ankle boots - Thrifted
Zipper leather jacket - Thrifted
Black sheer top - Thrifted

David Coverdale was freaking amazing! I was a bit overzealous and scared the people seated around us. BTW, I hate stadium seating...It sucks!

Rob Halford is indeed a metal god! He had the most fantastic studded outfits...

Leather studded trench anyone??

He also had the most fab studded leather coat with fringed beaded sleeves! I couldn't get a good picture as I was flailing all over the place by this point.

I love the other band members red leather pants and studs galore......

No words can describe the cheer joy of seeing this live!

So awesome!!!!!!!!!

This was seriously the best concert ever. They played all of British Steel and ton of songs from Sad wings of Destiny.