Saturday, August 8, 2009


There has been such a lack of vintage in the stores lately, I was starting to think that maybe there's no more left. But this weeks shopping surely redeemed itself. I found lots of black pieces that will be posted in my Etsy store soon. Look at this amazing satin cape coat. I'm still pondering if I should sell it or not. On another note, velvet has been high on my list for fall. Here's a gorgeous silk ruffle dress I just found.

Velvet silk ruffle dress - Thrifted
Navy danskin leggings - Thrifted
Satin Cape Coat - Thrifted
Skull necklace - Thrifted
Giant heart necklace - Painted Bird SF
Buckle straps - From thrifted boots
Givenchy Wedges - Yoox

Listening to: The Sisters of mercy - Floodland


Maria said...

Don't get rid of the cape! It's way too awesome to sell.

janettaylor said...

Beautiful ruffle Honey! :-)


josephine said...

Yeah definitely some great styling in that movie. carrie reminds me of Sharon Stone for some reason there, too. I guess it's the urban ball-buster attitude. True Romance is a great one too.

That cape is such a unique find!

SwanDiamondRose said...

ok i'm running out of compliments here. so again- nice! that cape is beautiful. the dress too. i need more thrifting time and i think this fall i will be able to.

L.Luna said...

I would be so sad if I couldn't thrift on a regular basis...Like my right arm was cut