Saturday, June 13, 2009

Black Metal

I'm so sad I didn't make it to the Testament concert last night. Well, I am definitely going to Judas Priest next month. On the brighter side I found this rad rhinestone studded basque denim dress!

Studded Denim dress - Thrifted
Black crop jacket - Thrifted
Bracelets & necklace - Thrifted
Givenchy Wedges - Yoox

Listening to: Venom - Black Metal


janettaylor said...

I adore Ur Givenchy wedges! So coool and totally U! :)

Have a great Sunday, Honey!


Allie said...

Stunning shade of blue and your shoes are to die for. So jealous!!

Lmac said...

Wow! Beautiful dress!

ivy said...

woah....that denim dress is sooo cool..i've been looking for a pair of denim dress...and this has got to be the nicest one :)

L.Luna said...

Thank you everyone!

I know ivy! I was so happy when I found it!

vintage wedding bands said...

I like the shade of blue..denims gives you completely cool looks..i normally wear dennims..but its different and i am going to buy it for sure..i think it works for casual function..