Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pearl's Dream

I've been collecting pretty silk blouses lately. Light pinks & creams with slight details seem to be my focus. I love pairing them up with black skirts. My Western buckle boots from Pixie market or these amazing Stella McCartney boots look best.

Silk pearl blouse - Thrifted
Black silk maxi skirt - Thrifted
Stella McCartney boots - Intermix

Listening to: Bat for lashes - Two Suns


Anonymous said...

a beautiful blouse, so much detail :) i too have been eyeing pretty ones especially in that peachy/pink shade that seems to have been really popular in the 60s? maybe? I want to just collect them, even if I don't wear them, they are fun to look at with all their interesting collars.

Anonymous said...

this is inspiring me to look for pretty silk blouses now.

L.Luna said...

I love the peachy/pink ones! They are so lovely!

They look fantastic on you Regan especially with some trousers!

Anonymous said...

you look beautiful. i love the silhouette so much. this makes me need to tale some wardrobe photos soon!

SwanDiamondRose said...

oops! that last comment was from me!