Thursday, November 19, 2009

Etsy November Update

Sorry for the lack of posts. I'm planning a trip and it's taking up all my time. I do have a Etsy update for you. I just put these up tonight. I'll have another update later today. I won't have anything on eBay until the 29th.


Shini said...

Lidia!!!! Thank you SOOO much for the rings and letter, they were absolutely wonderful and you didn't have to! Well now's the time you hear this again, because this update will make me go gaga and eventually purchase again :P

janettaylor said...

Lovely cardi!


Please, don't forget my newer giveaway... I think you need a new little mirror in your bag. Don't you think! Start!


L.Luna said...

Your so welcome Shini! Your such a lovely person. I would send much more if customs didn't freakout on

Thank you janet! I'll check it out.

Love said...

my Gosh I want EVERYTHING !!