Monday, January 11, 2010

Rain when I die

I was watching Labyrinth and strangely wanting the billowy cream top Jennifer is wearing throughout. Voila, I find this amazing silk blouse! There is a cluster of recent finds. The fake Chanel belt I need a better photo of. This incredible draped back velvet jacket and of course the blouse.

This top has the most beautiful details....

Cream Silk blouse - Thrifted
Black Velvet drape jacket - Thrifted
Fake Chanel belt - Thrifted
Black skinny's - F21
Stella McCartney boots - Yoox

Listening to: Alice in Chains - Dirt


janettaylor said...

I love Ur jacket!

P.S.: ♥Please don't forget to join the Miss C. Alexandria giveaway!♥

Good luck!


Andrea said...

you always have the nicest poses :) lovely blouse!

Anonymous said...

super fierce - great motion photos that still project well the garments!

i like both of this blog as well as your illustration one xx

Stella Cheng said...

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I'm a fashion editor.
I love so much of your clothes.
And wanna publish two of them.
Please contact me through
I'll tell you the ones we wanna publish.


wardrobeexperience said...

I just posted a little feature about your amazing style today! I hope you like it.

OMG, I really loved Labyrinth when I was a child. After seeing it I became a big fan of David Bowie.
Lovely blouse!

SwanDiamondRose said...

oh wow. that blouse is so beautiful. and worn a bit casually suits it so well. you lucky lucky girl!

Varpu said...

Oh wow you have such an amazing and original style, I love your looks! Keep up with your great blog!
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