Friday, August 1, 2008

Heavy Metal Mania!

So I've been feeling the metal T shirts for quite some time now. I especially love the gruesome illustrations and toughness they add to a outfit. Here is my small collection of shirts dating from 81 – 92. All were won on Ebay with the exception of the “Overkill” shirt ( that was thrifted). I got super lucky winning some of these at reasonable prices. Every time I seek out a Testament shirt it ends up going for 50 and up! All shirts are actual bands I love, so enjoy!


SwanDiamondRose said...

wow. i am ENVIOUS of your collection! i need more metal t's and i really like mercenary t's too.

L.Luna said...

That is a really awesome design! I love how you styled it. That's the challenging thing with these shirts. Especially when I don't wear jeans to often.

Tamara Chapman said...

Hi, maybe you can help me. In about 1989-90, I saw a girl wearing a metal t-shirt which had a picture of a young dishevelled woman sitting against a wall (graffiti on it?) in an alley way, scantily dressed (tank top, mini skirt?), her head bowed down so you could hardly see her face, and her panties were around her ankles (as I was a kid at the time, this imagery was a bit disturbing for me but I was intrigued nonetheless!) The whole picture seemed to have a greenish glow to it, like the girl is sitting under a street lamp or something. I was about 7 or 8 when I saw this and it has been burned into my memory ever since. I have no idea what the band was. Any ideas?