Thursday, July 2, 2009

Love Japan Town!

I never miss a chance to visit Japan town when we are in San Francisco. They have the yummiest food, coolest art supplies and awesome book/ magazine section.

So cute!

I love soba noodles!

What's better than a Vodka Martini after a day of site seeing and shopping....

One of my guilty pleasures is sitting through a long drawn out anime series. I can't get over how incredibility detailed and gorgeous Japanese animation is and the story arcs are so addicting you can't get enough! So how cool is this months Vogue Nippon with their manga issue? The minute I heard about it I knew I had to have it. The phenomenal Anna dello russo stars in her own mini manga. Fashion giants Anna Wintour, Carine Roitfeld, Suzy Menkes all make an appearance in some crazy drama that I can't read. But it looks juicy! Hopefully someone will translate it.

Vogue Nippon July 09 issue

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april said...

Manga girls are super hot! They always have the best hair.
ps-I like the martini in a porcelain bowl.