Thursday, September 18, 2008

L.A. Trip

I have just returned from the most amazing, fun, trip to L.A. Me and my best friend from NYC went for a week to make house calls for his clients in L.A. We filled our last day with as much fun as possible. The day started at LACMA where we stood in awe of Damien Hurst's Pieces. The collections are small but filled with just the right amount of interesting works.

We then headed to our favorite store ever, Maxfield LA in West Hollywood. Were we saw a certain Hollywood boyfriend buying a Chanel bike for his someone special. My favorite pieces were the huge vintage Herm├Ęs bags and a Black Thomas Wylde fringed bag to die for! The displays in Maxfield are so fun to look at. Our fave were these stuffed exotic birds.

I couldn't leave without checking out the Alexander Mcqueen store. The metal anatomical sculpture sticking out of the roof is amazing!

Our night was just as fun. We headed over to the Standard, in downtown, for drinks, and Akbar in silver lake (our old neighborhood bar were we kidnapped and befriended the most fantastic person.)

Later, our new friend took us to "A CLUB CALLED RHONDA ", where we danced away to the raddest disco.

I'm exhausted but so thrilled and invigorated from my trip.


Anonymous said...

I love the Akbar.
And the new Broad building at the LACMA is so amazing. All the pieces are completely inspirational.
I'm glad you had fun in LA.

-corazones rojos

L.Luna said...

I know! So much good art. Seems you always have more fun when you move from somewhere and visit :)